Nothing works!

“When I’m riding my horse, its walking behind the other horses and when I want It to move forward ( be in the front) it just stops and refuses to walk before another horse takes over the lead. When I’m riding on my own, my horse blocks again. Sometimes I have to get off, and walk from the ground, before my horse allows me to ride it again. I have tried using my voice and a whip, but nothing works!”

Today I got that question, and I was thinking that it might be a big issue to many people.

The horse is searching for a leader

It seems the horse is low ranching, and that’s the reason why it wants to follow another horse. It is searching leadership. The way to solve the problem is to become the leader of the horse. The horse needs support from the rider. It needs to choose to listen to the rider, instead of searching for the other horses.

There are many Views on how to establish leadership. I always start out by putting leadership into ground work, and then I do the same thing from the back of the horse.

A quick now or never method is to make the horse back up a few steps. When the horse blocks, it is the riders task to try making it back up quickly followed by making it go forward. The rider has to make it back up again, turn to one of the sides and then keep on walking. Continue the training until your horse doesn’t hesitate by walking anymore. Praise your horse when it walks.

Give the horse comfort

In nature, horses never just go backwards. They only do it when they are perpetuating to a higher ranching horse. After the rider has made the horse back up, it’s often followed by some licking and chewing from the horse. That’s very good signs, because its shows that the horse has understood your message. It is a submissive sign.

Every time that A rider makes the horse back up. The rider shows that he/ or her is higher in the hierarchy than their horse. That should give the horse enough comfort to move forward. All horses are searching for a leader.