I´ve been busy with the addition to my family. On the 25th of March I got a wonderful little son. Additionally, I’ve been training 4 lovely Frederiksborg-horses during the last couple of months.

It has been a bit of a challenge for me!

These horses have been both sweet and easily trained, and luckily my talented students have helped me with riding the horses. However, being able to accept that I couldn’t just do it myself has been quite hard for me. I was the one standing on the ground directing my students, instead of just getting up on the horse and doing the riding training on my own. But when you are very pregnant, and right after a caesarean, it is impossible to start the riding process on a young horse.

Luckily, the horses are now trained, one has already been sold, and the 3 other mares are now ready for sale and searching for new loving homes.

All of them are unique

The 3 mares are different, and each of them has their own temper. One of them really likes moving forward, is flexible, walks well, has a good build and has the potential to become a very good dressage horse. The other one is very calm, strong, sturdy and totally stable walking. It could definitely become a very good handicap or therapy horse.

They’ve all been trained with the WHC-method, and they now have a solidly built foundation for further training. They are suitable for horsemanship, because the issue of leadership is sorted out. They are cooperative, trustworthy, follow you without additional equipment from the ground and can be ridden with a cordeo. Of course they are also suitable for normal riding and for the sport. They´ve learned the fundamental dressage and they’ve been introduced to the terrain.

So are you, or someone you know, searching for a new horse? Then these horses are a very good bet 

I will be back in May

Fortunately, I will soon be ready again, and I take new horses in training in May. Summer is coming, the sun is shining, and I see a busy season in front of me. I´ve already got many horses on my waiting list.

Summer program

As always, I’m looking forward very much to my summer courses and horsemanship camps for kids and grown-ups.
You can find the summer program on my front page.