See Mia telling about the four horses.

A few months ago I got four beautiful Frederiksborg horses into my training program. All four of them are completely untrained and inexperienced; they all came from the same breeder and are now being trained and prepared to be sold in the future.

They sleep close to each other
Of the four beautiful horses, three are female and one is a gelding. They are from 3 to 5 years and were all brought up in the same large herd. They have lived happily in large grass meadows during the summer and have gone free range in winter. They have very close relationships with each other; they walk close together and sleep close to each other. In the beginning, it was a challenge just to separate one from the others to train it individually.

They are brand new
This job is particularly delightful for me because as a behavioral therapist, I work the most with horses who demonstrate inappropriate or atypical behavioral; this often is related to inappropriate experiences, patterns or undiscovered pain or injury. Therefore, it is so nice to meet the opposite, namely horses without previous management, bad experiences, and without injury or pain caused by poorly adapted equipment or improper riding. These horses are brand new and are very fast learners.

They need to learn everything
There is still a lot of work in the job, because they have to learn all the elements involved in the daily handling, such as walking, standing, being groomed / sorted, washed, how to gain trust and confidence, and how to accept human leadership. The training program contains Building Muscles, acceptance of the rider and equipment, learning the riding signals, basic training, familiarization with the terrain riding, etc.

The will end up as succesful allround horses
The goal is that they end up as successful allround horses with a solid training foundation, both in the equestrian sport as well as in horsemanship.

They have chosen to collaborate
Although it sounds like a lot, then this task seems easier than most because there are no patterns of improper behavior to break. All the horses have been trained with the When Horses Choose method from the start, which gives them the foundation that is so important to me; namely, horses who have chosen man / me as their leader and have chosen to collaborate in all aspects of training. This is a choice which means that their resistance disappears, so they are highly motivated – and most importantly, they are safe in both handling and riding.

They are like wild horses
The training of these 4 red natural horses reminds me of my time with the wild horses the United States because they exude the same calmness from within – and they have the same all-natural equine behavior that characterize the wild horses.

Let your horses grow up in a herd
It makes me think about how important the horse’s upbringing and environment are. The more we meet and can imitate their natural living conditions -giving them plenty of space, allowing them to grow up in large herds, allowing them to educate and protect each other etc. – the more we achieve horses with far more balanced, rational and natural behavior patterns.