Mia Lykke Nielsen

Mia Lykke Nielsen starts where others quit. She never gives up.

She calls a horse a horse and a spade a spade. She reads horses just like people become absorbed by the twists and turns in their books. She’s walked with them for years – through scorched wilderness and slippery mountain slopes. She sleeps in the barn with them when they are sick. Offers the kinship of a herd when they are lonely. Takes care of their hooves when the blacksmith gives up. Makes a horse feel so safe that it will stand still while the dentist removes a broken tooth.

With 300 wild Californian horses as her instructors, Mia has developed a unique knowledge of horses and horse behaviour. In just one month, Mia tamed and trained five wild mustangs to become calm and trusting domestic horses.

Added to this are Mia’s many years of work and experience in classic dressage and academic training in equine anatomy and biomechanics.

Horse owners from all over the Nordic countries send their horses to Mia. Young horses, show jumping horses, dressage horses, riding horses, wild horses, dangerous horses, misunderstood horses, problem horses and abandoned horses. They all end up in Mia’s care.