To local authorities and public bodies

We comply with government policy in relation to children and teenagers and we deliver a recognised company internship that is evidence based and can be evaluated.

According to research undertaken by the University of Brighton and Plumpton College, (England) on behalf of the British Horse Society (BHS), regular horse riding is good for your health.

Among other things, the research reveals that:

  • Regular periods of trotting can enhance energy consumption and other associated health benefits.
  • Riding has shown to be particularly suitable in motivating women of all ages to take part in physical activity.
  • Riding primarily stimulates positive feelings.
  • To a large extent, horse riders are motivated to ride because being together with a horse gives them a sense of wellbeing. There are very few sports that result in such a positive psychological interaction with an animal.

A lot of young people want to get work experience or do a course as part of their training. Therefore, we have created a framework for those who would like to experience this type of training. Its main focus is on developing the candidate’s personal skills.

When Horses Choose is not a charity. It is a company that takes social responsibility very seriously.

The process would typically involve the candidate’s caseworker, or other professionals, and When Horses Choose/Mia as consultant.

When Horses Choose can offer tailored courses for candidates who want to work with horses.

For example, if a candidate wants to work with horses professionally as an employee, When Horses Choose would assume the role of the employer and explain both job responsibilities and expectations.

For on-the-job training, the following candidate evaluations are documented:

  • Work performance
  • Ability to perform tasks
  • Social skills
  • Skills that the candidate should focus on for further development – from an employer’s point of view

As an employer, we make sure that the candidate is recognised, and that the ability to solve tasks is within their reach. At the same time, it is When Horses Choose’s responsibility to create a framework of diverse development and learning opportunities.

The most important part of the training is that the candidate becomes aware of their own goals and direction in a professional context.