Find your inner leader

Is it you taking the horse out, or is the horse taking you out?

This is an important question in relation to your leadership and management style. And it is a question you will be asked – maybe in a slightly different way – when you have just taken on a new management position.

Recognition management requires that you are clear and aware of your body language. What you say with words and what you demonstrate with signals and attitude, to emphasise what you say, can be completely different.

When Horses Choose makes it clear where you stand as a leader, and whether the recognition you receive is authentic and convincing. The training helps you to understand how to change and adjust your leadership style so that you can achieve your goals.

At the same time, the training programme gives you the insight you need so you can improve your management style and become more confident.

When Horses Choose gives you the chance to really look into yourself and develop as a leader. When you do this, the horse will follow you happily and confidently – and so will we, because we believe in you.

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