Horse training

The When Horses Choose training method is positioned somewhere between natural horsemanship and horse whispering techniques, but Mia’s methods stand out from both schools. The key to Mia’s technique is that the horse is completely free and chooses to cooperate without the need for coaxing.

Mia creates a common ground for horse and human, and teaches the horse’s owner to communicate with the horse based on its communication and behaviour.

At the same time, Mia builds on the horse’s natural instincts, needs and signals. Mia developed this method as a continuation of the horse’s language, social behaviour and hierarchy. This means that there is no need to coerce the horse into cooperating in human terms. The individual becomes the leader at the horse’s choosing and it decides to follow because it has complete confidence in its leader.

Moving away from issuing commands to using two-way communication involves radical change. But this is what builds respect and a solid and secure foundation.

The benefits are immediately evident. The horse achieves faster results without recurring power struggles or problems. And this is because the horse understands the training.