“We can learn everything from wild mustangs”

Mia wants to save the wild and endangered mustangs in the USA.

For Mia, this is a heartfelt mission both for horses and humans. Wild mustangs hold the key to our understanding of horses, and can ultimately contribute to us actively improving the welfare of horses all over the world.

Wild mustangs have a pure and unaffected horse language. They can teach us everything we have forgotten or do not know about horses. They can show us what horses do and how they live. Mustangs are generally healthy and are not susceptible to the illnesses and ailments that domestic horses tend to suffer from. Their hooves are much stronger. No other breed of horse has as many colour variations as the wild mustang. And they can quite easily live up to 25-30 years.

Wild mustangs develop muscles that only few domestic horses can achieve. They do not experience the same problems and conflicts as domestic horses. They are not afraid of the everyday noises of modern life such as swinging gates or flapping plastic. They have learned to recognise real danger. They are afraid of people and large, predatory cats.

The mustang is an iconic symbol of North American history.

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