Problem solving

Problem solving is all about changing behaviour and learning to read and understand the horse. The majority of problem horses have developed nervous or aggressive behaviour because the owner and the horse have gone awry by each other’s signals. Perhaps there was a past event in the horse’s life that has caused it to become defensive. Perhaps the horse has managed to take over control and leadership. Perhaps the horse is in pain.

Mia lets the problem horse free in her training arena to establish calm as quickly as possible. She doesn’t run the horse around the ring until it gets tired; she wants to work with a horse that is fit and relaxed. Mia observes the horse and establishes leadership with it straight away. Then, before starting the training, she finds out if the horse is experiencing any pain.

Sometimes the problem is fairly easy to fix. There are other times when Mia recommends that the horse should stay with her for a while.

From the first moment the owner meets their horse again, they will be able to walk with it without a lead rope, bit or harness. It will stop, back up and turn to one side and then the other – openly and freely. It will follow the owner because the horse has chosen the human being as its leader.