Horses might need rehabilitation if they have been injured or have been stationary for a long period of time. Mia also treats horses that have had a bad ordeal or have experienced something that conflicts with their character.

The When Horses Choose training programmes include a ‘horse workout’, which Mia has developed especially for her horse rehabilitation programme. Mia builds up the horse’s muscles through the academic art of riding and exercises that benefit the rider during riding. At the same time, Mia works on building the rider’s leadership and helping them to win the horse’s trust and confidence-

Rehabilitation can be used for retraining and saddle training a horse. The horse must choose the individual as its leader both on the ground and during riding. To do this, it must let go of familiar ways and old habits.

Mia removes the bit, bridle and saddle from the horse. In doing this, she is reprogramming the horse – starting from scratch. She begins by strengthening the horse’s body and mind so that it has the potential once again to be an outstanding horse for the owner and the rider.