Saddle training

When Mia saddle trains a horse, it lives with her during the training period. She encourages the owner to visit as often as possible and to take part in the training.

Mia starts by working with the free horse from the ground. She teaches it to follow her as the leader without any conditions and without a lead rope. She teaches it to stand still so that the owner can leave the horse anywhere without having to tie it up. In addition, Mia teaches the horse the different signals used in riding. At the same time, she gives it the ground basics in dressage.

The horse is completely free of equipment the first time Mia sits on it. Mia knows exactly what is going on in the horse’s mind and in its body. There is neither a saddle nor a harness to block the horse’s communication. It is only when the horse has chosen to have a person (as its natural leader) on its back that Mia continues with a saddle or a harness.

The horse becomes supple as a result of Mia’s training through her way of building muscle and teaching basic dressage. Mia can achieve the same results with the horse in traditional riding without the use of a bit or a saddle. If the horse is going to compete at events, Mia will familiarise it with the required equipment.

When you get your horse home from Mia, it will be a confident and trusting horse – completely in balance. It has learned to trust people as its leader, and that they listen and act on what the horse tells them.