Stallion training

Be more gentle. Be more assertive. Be more aware. This is Mia’s best advice on training stallions. These are the guidelines she follows when working with them. Mia lets the stallion free and trains it in exactly the same way as she trains all other horses.

Mia immediately starts to invite the horse to be a part of her herd. It might call after the mares; it might try to take over. But it will choose to cooperate and be part of the herd – just as a stallion chooses to follow a lead mare or a lead stallion in a natural setting.

At the Viking Saga Ranch in California, the wild stallions showed Mia what they were capable of. She got to know their language, their body language and their behaviour. They taught her about rank and dominance, limitations and needs.

Stallions need to be with other horses – being isolated can have psychological repercussions. Mia therefore recommends that stallions should be with other herd members whenever possible.