Team building

What is the most important thing you need when building a good team or getting your team to perform at their very best to achieve excellent results?

When Horses Choose puts cooperation between horse and human into focus – and it is this type of focus that you can transfer directly to your team. Where are you in the group? What is your role in the group’s hierarchy? How do you achieve your personal best while doing what is best for the team?

The training programme can benefit you as an individual and as a group. Body language and signals become crystal clear when you work with horses. This is because they react very quickly and immediately copy the way you communicate.

And horses neither fake nor try to please. They react to what they have just experienced without stopping to analyse. They only respond to what you really want them, and tell them, to do.

The training brings to light where you are strong and where you are weak in the group, when you are heard and when you can really affect change. It gives you the opportunity to change your body language and your attitude so you can set new personal and team goals.

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