When Horses Choose – Two-day course

When a horse chooses an individual as its leader, it trusts that person completely – just as it would a leader horse in a natural setting. It follows all the leader’s signals, and this is based on the horse’s instinct to ensure its own survival. Cooperation between horses in the wild is not based on coercion, but on voluntary participation and free choice – just as it is with When Horses Choose.

Mia’s programme is not about disciplining your horse. Instead of pushing and coaxing, you apply coaching techniques using a language and behaviour that it understands. And you develop during this process too.

Mia explains how horses develop their hierarchy, how the hierarchy works in a herd, what the herd means to a horse, and how important their rank is in relation to its new leader – you!

  • You learn to understand and use the horse’s own language.
  • You learn how the horse chooses you as its natural leader.
  • You discover your inner leader.
  • You learn how horses and humans can work together based on the horse’s natural behaviour.
  • You learn to ride in a way that avoids conflict in relation to the horse’s physiology, psychology and nature.
  • You learn to focus your attention judging by your horse’s behaviour.
  • You gain an awareness that will make it clear and visible to you if your horse is in pain, and where it hurts.

You are welcome to bring your own horse.

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