When Horses Choose

When Mia meets a horse, it is on the horse’s terms. This results in the horse grasping Mia’s training concept in just a few minutes.

The language barrier between horse and human melts away with the When Horses Choose unique training method, and a dialogue is created that both horse and human can understand.

The method is based on the horse’s natural behaviour: The behaviour that horses are born with, and the behaviour that all horses perceive as their way of communicating.

With When Horses Choose, Mia adopts the language and behaviour of a lead horse and uses the knowledge that the horse gives her. Mia invites the horse to follow her as leader and only achieves that because it is up to the horse to make the decision. There is no need for pushing or coaxing.

Mia lets the horse free in her square arena. This allows her to take off all the horse tack – and the bridle. Without touching the horse, Mia stretches out her arm with a riding crop. She dominates all but one corner of the arena where the horse instantly understands it can go and be left alone. This creates a safe haven for the horse – its very own sanctuary. She gives the horse the opportunity to have its say – to agree or refuse to cooperate. Mia then gently invites the horse to be part of her herd and continues with the training only after the horse chooses to cooperate.

When horses choose openly and freely, they do it forever! That is the beauty of Mia’s method.